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Certificates and Licences

This section contains certificates and licences for Cumbrian Storage Ltd.

  • Certificates & Licences
Liability Insurance Certificate
Insurance Certificate
Liability Insurance Certificate.
Distributer & Dry Broker Licence
PPC Permit
Pollutions Prevention and Control Permit. EPA Regulations 2007
Waste Carriers Licence
PPC Permit Variation
Pollutions Prevention and Control Permit Variation. EPA Regulations 2007.

Policies and Guides

This section contains policies and guides.

  • Policies & Guides
European Waste Category Codes Thumbnail
European Waste Category Codes
European Category Codes produced by CONSLEG
Hazardous Material Guide Thumbnail
Hazardous Materials Guide
The Environment Agencies Hazardous Waste Guide
EPA PFO Protocol
EPA Process Fuel Oil Protocol
EPA Guidance on PFO.
Processed Fuel Oil Thumbnail
Process Fuel Oil
SEPA Guidance on PFO
Oil Storage Regulations Thumbnail
Scottish Oil Storage Regulations
Oil Storage Regulations by SEPA
Oil Storage Regulations Thumbnail
General Storage Conditions
General Storage Conditions for Cumbrian Storage.








The Rapier Group

Cumbrian Storage is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group consits of four companies based at strategic sites throughout the UK:

Rapier Energy LTD
10000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing facility based in Teesside, England.

Nortburn Industrial Services LTD
2500 M³ capacity recycled oil processing and re-refining facilites with sites in Coatbridge and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cumbrian Storage LTD
32000M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle special waste and oils. Based in Cumbria, England

Jarron Energy
Trader in oils and bulk liquid comodities handling recycled oils and specialist in Bi-Products. Based in Merseyside, England

Useful Links

Government & Legislation Sites
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department of Trade and Industry
Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland
Environment Agency
A government programme offering free, independent advice on waste minimisation