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Cumbrian Storage Services

Our facility at Workington is a regional terminal with full rail access and considerable space for the development of new capacity and additional services. The focus of the site today is predominantly petroleum, but it is equipped to handle a wide range of chemical products for redistribution in the north of England and southern Scotland.

Facilities / Services

32,000 m³ storage tanks
Deep Water Berth (12,000 DWT)
Heated Tanks
Rail Access
Lined Tanks
Land for expansion/projects
Distribution Services

Tank Capacities


> 5000 m³ 1
> 4000 m³ 3
> 2000 m³ 5
> 1000 m³ 9
Total 32,000m³ in 18 tanks


The History

Cumbrian Storage Vintage
The Cumbrian Storage terminal at Workington was originally built to store molten sulphur for local industry. This was used as a precursor for sulphuric acid, which was itself used to make phosphoric acid and phosphate cleaners for washing powders.

The facility was initially acquired to provide an import route for molten sulphur. More general chemical tanks were added to increase the terminal's capabilities and it was further expanded with the acquisition from Shell of a petroleum depot close to the dockside.

The Rapier Group

Cumbrian Storage is part of the Rapier Group of companies. The group consits of four companies based at strategic sites throughout the UK:

Rapier Energy LTD
10000 M³ capacity recycled oil processing facility based in Teesside, England.

Nortburn Industrial Services LTD
2500 M³ capacity recycled oil processing and re-refining facilites with sites in Coatbridge and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Cumbrian Storage LTD
32000M³ capacity storage and distribution terminal with waste licensed facilities granted by the Environment Agency to receive and handle special waste and oils. Based in Cumbria, England

Jarron Energy
Trader in oils and bulk liquid comodities handling recycled oils and specialist in Bi-Products. Based in Merseyside, England

Useful Links

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Department of Trade and Industry
Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland
Environment Agency
A government programme offering free, independent advice on waste minimisation